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The second album from The Zipheads. Released 11 November 2016 on Digipack CD and 180g Magenta Vinyl


released November 11, 2016

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The Zipheads St Albans, UK

Playing a mix of classic Rockabilly, Country, Ska, Swing, Surf, Psychobilly and Reggae, the boys have opened for Punk heavyweights Discharge and Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Psychobilly legends Guana Batz, King Kurt and Vince Ray and the Boneshakers as well as two-tone heroes The Beat, Neville Staples and The Selecter. ... more

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Track Name: Rampage
Im the type of guy that takes life as it comes
just one day at a time
I never protest, you know I just do my best
and try to keep myself in line
But every so often my fuse it gets shortened
by the things that i can see
I try to remember not to lose my temper
but it gets the best of me

The tension is rising its hardly surprising
cause the anger won’t be subdued
Panic, disruption a volcanic eruption
of unstoppable magnitude
Patience is a virtue but patience can hurt you
if you keep it all locked inside
The rage is fermenting, and theres no preventing
the anger from venting I’m going on a rampage tonight
It’s a rampage!

Well now I’m fucking livid, the red i see is vivid
the adrenaline just won’t stop
Violent action is a knee-jerk reaction
like a bull in a china shop
Now I’m spitting feathers at the end of all my tethers
and theres nowhere left to turn
There’s panic in the city but I’ll be sitting pretty
saying isn’t it a pity as i sit and watch the city burn.
Track Name: No 2 Ways About It
Well you met a little woman and she’s messing up your mind
Now she’s moving forward but she’s leaving you behind

Well theres no cause to shout it, but don’t you try to doubt it
Theres no two ways about it you’ve been had

Well everybody told you that girl’s no good for you
You took a big bite but it was more than you could chew

Well she took you for a sucker and theres nothing left to say
She must have seen you coming from a thousand miles away
Track Name: Last Man On Earth
Well looking out across this empty town
theres not a sound, theres no-one around
All the roads and all the streets are bare
there no-one there but i don’t care

Because everyone is gone and I’m left behind
I’m the last remaining hope of all mankind
They’re all gone without trace
I’m the sole survivor of the human race
Well I guess things could be worse
Last man on Earth

Buildings and the statues left behind
serve to remind of a different time
Adverts and the billboards still remain
but they’re all in vain cause this is my domain

Hey baby
Do you remember when you told me you wouldn’t
go out with me if I was the last man on Earth?
Well guess what!
Track Name: Ill Repute
I always prayed someday I’d meet
a girl so precious, girl so sweet
The type of girl who was pure and kind
but that type of girl’s to hard to find
I slept alone every single night
until I found a girl to put things right
She knows the way that it has to be
she’s got no time for chastity

Cause she’s a girl of ill repute
and I love to taste forbidden fruit
She’s no angel from above
but beggars can’t be choosers
winners can’t be losers in love

There’s other woman I would much prefer
but when they let me down I just run to her
But you know I wouldn’t do her wrong
I don’t let her down or lead her on

Well now I’m stranded cause you caught me red-handed
for sure,
I got a dirty little secret but I just can’t keep it
no more
Well I’m bang to rights and I can’t deny
well no excuse, no alibi

You know for me you are the only one
but you’ve kept me waiting far too long
You can’t expect me to stand in line
when I can get my kicks in half the time

A man of ill repute
and I leave a taste like rotting fruit
I’m no angel from above
but you can’t be a chooser
when you’re a loser in love
and I’m a loser in love
Track Name: Welcome To The Real World
Wake in the morning and I
rise to greet the day
I get a feeling things are
gonna go my way
Could be mistaken but I’m aching
just to have the chance to try
I count my blessings learn my lessons
and I hold my head up high

Then in the evening when I
go to sleep at night
I’ve done my best to keep the
home fire burning bright
And your complaining’s entertaining but it’s
starting to wear thin
Life isn’t perfect but it’s worth it so chin up
and suck it in

Welcome to the real world
well it’s yours and mine to share
Welcome to the real world
hope no-one told you it was fair

Now in the morning when I
rise to greet the day
and then I struggle just to
keep the wolves at bay
Always owing, never knowing what the future
has to hold
And now it’s going, going once, it’s going twice
the futures sold
Track Name: Instead
Well I’ve been feeling lately
so down and so depressed
My friends they say they hate me
and my family never guess

My condition is a strange affliction
it’s a contradiction to the way I feel in my head
I should be crying but I just keep cracking up instead

Woman said she left me
she tore my heart in half
I tried to stop her leaving
but all I could do was laugh

It’s confusing when you find amusing
that the love you’re losing is in another mans bed
I should be angry but I just keep cracking up instead

Death, disease, destruction,
the world’s an ugly place
It ain’t a laughing matter
but I can’t keep a straight face

It’s precarious to find hilarious
the worst and scariest things in life you should dread
I should be worried but I just keep cracking up instead
I should be running but I just keep cracking up instead
I should do something but I just keep cracking up instead
Track Name: After All
I’ve been 'round for altogether one too many years
and I’ve found nowhere to belong
I’ve allowed so many good things to pass me by
I’m renowned for making things go wrong
but still I carry on

Because after all
I still believe in something, I feel it more than ever now
I know my time is coming, I’m just not sure where or when or how
Can’t stop the world from turning no matter how hard you may try
I’m smart but I’m still learning, learning to leave it all behind
I’m learning to leave it all behind

I’ve been down for so long now that I can’t recall why
I’ve been down as low as you can get
All around there’s misery and pain and heartache
It’s a cloud and it’s headed this way you can bet
But I won’t surrender yet
Track Name: Only Yourself To Blame
Looking around it’s so hard not to despair
cause you’re living in a world that is far beyond repair
Your life is empty and you feel so sore,
every day is just the same as the one before
Pushed to the limit, just can’t take no more

But you carry on the same,
a shell, a husk, a frame
You can’t escape the shame
Only yourself to blame

You can’t take it but you’re to scared to make a change
If you think that you’re happy then you really must be deranged
You make excuses and you never try
it never pays off and then you wonder why
and it’s always someone else’ fault

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Standing in the very same place waiting for a sign
Too scared to even take a chance
so you think that you’re a victim of circumstance
but everyone knows your life is a lie
and I’ll tell you why

No mental health or inner wealth
only yourself to blame
Blame, blame, blame, blame, blame
Track Name: Pet Hate
I’m coming out to play, have no fear cause
I am on my way
and when I come to town, well you’ll never know what hit you,
do you start to get the picture of my life, up until now,
it’s been a waste of time, but anyhow,
it’s gonna change tonight,
cause I gotta funny feeling things will work out right
I’m gonna raise some hell, gonna paint the town
I’m gonna live it up and never live it down
Hold the phone, place your bets, lock up your daughters
and your family pets

We’re gonna have some fun, just sit back and I’ll
show you how it’s done
We’re gonna ball tonight, when the flicker of a candle
casts a dark an eerie shadow on the land, well it’s almost time
but there’s no such thing as a perfect crime
And if you come to town,
well I can’t be held responsible for what goes down
cause you’re tempting fate and you’ll pay the price
but you love to skate on the thinnest ice
You play with fire all the time but if you get burned
its no concern of mine

Cause I don’t need your company to have a good time
I just leave my cares and worries way down the line
and I don’t want my palm read or my fortune told
cause ain’t nothing gonna stop you from growing old

And it’s a long way down be careful you don’t fall
cause I know you’re just the type who’s gotta have it all
and you think you know better but I know you’re wrong
but if you carry on like this then it won’t be long
until it catches up to you and it all goes wrong
so don’t say I didn’t warn you all along
Track Name: Patron Saint
Well I’m the meanest bastard that you could ever know
a long trail of destruction follows everywhere I go
There’s hatred in my heart, and there’s anger in my soul
and I’ll rob and cheat anyone I meet just to climb that totem pole

Walking through the valley, I heard an anguished cry
down there by the road I found an injured passer-by
I took all of his money and I left him there to die
cause I’m a crafty sod and there ain’t no god that can make me answer why

So wherever there is suffering, I come to stake my claim
that’s the way the world works, no one man is to blame
So I carry me no guilt, and I’ll carry me no shame
just follow my creed of want and greed and hallowed be my name

So listen all you do-gooders well where do I begin
forget about your morals and embrace a life of sin
But you clutch your bleeding heart, and you play your violin
well I’m the patron saint of what you ain’t and thats why I’ll always win
Track Name: Damned
I don’t care which newspaper you read
I don’t care about the place that you’re from or the life you lead
It doesn’t matter what football team you support
You can’t impress me with the car that you drive or the house you’ve bought

You hold your own, the heir to the throne
you think you’ve got it all sussed
But the spoils of war are mine to ignore
because I know the truth and there’s no hope for us
Cause we’re all...

Damned, just try to understand
a tiny grain of sand
In an endless, desert, dry and barren land
But as you take my hand, the devil takes command
of his lost and lonely sombre marching band

I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on
I hold no allegiance to the factions and contingents to which you belong
Once I believed there was hope for the human race
But now I know better, and the world’s such a lonely place

So backs to the walls and deck all the halls,
gather all the king’s men
Protest your cause to a rapturous applause
but if you really cared you would have spared a thought for them
Cause they’re all…

Banished, cast outside into the unexplored
Vanished, dead to the world of my own accord

You tell me that life isn’t all pain and strife
and the Earth isn’t No Mans Land
Opinions are free though you might disagree
with the message in this song but if you think you can prove me wrong
then I’ll be…
Track Name: Revenge II
I sailed across the sea of desperation in my mind
trying to leave the memory of your treachery behind
But halfway across the ocean my ship begins to sink
and I fall into the water but it gives me time to think
About your face
and that bitter taste
And how I trusted you
and you betrayed my faith
But it won’t be long
‘till I return
And when I do
I’ll make you rue
the day you were born

As I voyage onwards past the point of no return
I demand satisfaction it’s a trophy I will earn
And you think you have escaped me, you think you’re off the hook
but I’ll have my retribution, and when I do I’ll look
Into your eyes
to claim my prize
A wish come true,
to punish you
for all your lies
And I won’t be told
until you fold
At last we meet
and you will eat
a dish served cold
Track Name: Orca To Majorca
I know, you’ve always been a friend to me
and you were, always there in times of need
To make it bearable
the world seemed not so terrible
And I’ll always be your friend
but soon I fear our time must end because

One day, I will leave this lonely place
I’ll go, and I will vanish without trace
And you’ll find, that behind I leave no trail
I’ll go, into the ocean I will sail

This town, it’s always been a home to me
but you know, that it’s not where I want to be
So please don’t blame yourself, I know you always tried to help
and you always did your best for me and so I must confess that

Just like a killer whale!

So please don’t be surprised if I should leave with no goodbyes
I might not say farewell but it’s not my style to really cause a scene now
I don’t mean to make you scared, just make sure you’re prepared for the...
Track Name: Get Ready
I never met a girl who makes me feel the way that you do
(it's alright)
Whenever I'm asked who makes my dreams real
I say that you do
(you're outta sight)
So fee fi fo fum

Look out baby 'cause here I come
And I'm bringing you a love that's true so get ready
So get ready
I'm gonna try to make love to you so get ready
So get ready here I come
I'm on my way

If you wanna play hide and seek with love let me remind you
(it's alright)
The loving you're gonna miss and the time it takes to find you
(it's outta sight)
So fiddle-lee-dee fiddle-lee-dum

Look out baby 'cause here I come
And I'm bringing you a love that's true so get ready
So get ready
I'm gonna try to make love to you so get ready
So get ready here I come
I'm on my way

All my friends shouldn't want me to I understand it
(be alright)
I hope I'll get to you before they do the way I planned it
(be outta sight)
So twiddle-dee-dee twiddle dee dum

Look out baby 'cause here I come
And I'm bringing you a love that's true so get ready
So get ready
I'm gonna try to make love to you so get ready
So get ready here I come.
I'm on my way.
Get ready 'cause here I come, boy
Get ready 'cause here I come, boy
Get ready 'cause here I come, boy

Robinson Jr., William

Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC